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What webs have we sewn?

What is a paradigm shift and why does it happen?

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Individual Psychology

What do we know about ourselves?

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What makes us happy?

Neuroscientists, economists, psychiatrists; many people have a range of answers. What about you? Camp fires?

Human Health and the Environment

What impact does our environment have on our health?

An updated model of the Economy

If the economy is attempting to describe all energy exchange, we know it falls short. If it attempts to describe the trade of rival and excludable goods, it must be put into context.

What may have been a sustainable solution to the fiscal cliff?

This blog post explores a concept of wealth forgotten since the industrial revolution. Ex- Senior World Bank Economist Herman Daly provides insight on what we can do to generate income without stifling productive wealth creation.
Paradigm from the Greek root paradeigma, generally means a pattern, a model or a framework. According to Stephen Covey, our paradigms are our mental representations of the way things are. “All of us think we see the world as it is. In fact, we see the world as we are.” This site is designed to explore understandings, which seem to be at the foundation of our culture, the basis for our systems and the guide for our way of life. What are the assumptions we make about the way that we operate and the way that the world operates? “All significant breakthroughs were break-withs old ways of thinking.” -Thomas Kuhn