Sharing Cuetzalan

I recently traveled to Cuetzalan, a small Indigenous village in Mexico.  Here I worked with C.A.D.E.M., a sustainable development platform organized through indigenous women who work to promote Indigenous economic initiatives in the face of imposing market forces.

My work involved creating film media for various local initiatives. I also partnered with RAMP skis to raise money for local initiatives.  Below is a video about my overall experience in Cuetzalan, as well as videos which were created for other projects.

This film is for an initiative in Cuetzalan related to cultural and eco-tourism.

This film is for C.A.D.E.M. still without narration, showcasing the various Indigenous Economic Initiatives.

This film was quickly tailored and chopped for a lecture relating to immigration.  If you are interested in discounted RAMP skis or a snowboard, send me an email at


This project is on going, as there is more much more footage to be edited for different local businesses.  I am seeking funding for equipment or volunteered time in video editing and counsel.  If you would like to contribute or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

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