In this section are projects from people, groups, classes and organizations.  All projects relate to individuals, society or the ecosystem and most relate to all three.




Sharing Cuetzalan

A young girl sells produce in a Cuetzalan market.

Read more about a trip to Cuetzalan, Mexico where locals work to protect their way of life by promoting indigenous economic initiatives and sharing their culture with visitors.  This project takes place in conjunction with C.A.D.E.M. an NGO in the region of Cuetzalan, and various local businesses. While wal-marts pop up in regions nearby, there is an effort to protect the town from destructive development.  








Izilwane Photo of the week

Check out the Izilwane photo contest! This photo is by January Sadler.

Check out the Izilwane photo of the week.  Pictures relate to our environment, biodiversity and humans! is an e-zine and platform for anthropologists, and travelers as well as scientists, students and those seeking to protect biodiversity.  It allows for a place for people to share meaningful quality work. 

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