All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

-Albert Einstein


David Brooks of the New York Times points out that across the sciences, sociology, neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioral economists, psychology, sociology, we are gaining deeper insight into what we are, and what is human nature. In a TED lecture, Brooks says that “Far from being a coldly materialistic view of human nature, it is a new humanism, a new enchantment.”  He calls this a “revolution in consciousness”read more



Neuroscience is allowing us a look into the mind.  Maria Brincker Phd. writes:  “In the Age of Context… 1. The individual is in a contextual process  2. Care for Environment is Care for Individuals  3. Science and Design are Ethical and Political  4. Interdisciplinarity and Translation is the norm...





The subject of consciousness is controversial in the scientific field.  Many argue that the very nature of our scientific method, third person replication and abstraction based in itself does not allow for the study of consciousness, but the subject is of course important...



 Behavioral Economics


On Classical Economists, Matt Dobbins explains, “They would have said, we try to make the right decisions that are going to benefit us, in a world of perfect information.  Well of course that’s not what happens, and behavioral economics once and for all proves that.”



Human Needs


Understanding human needs is an important challenge for anyone given our changing environment in the 21st century.  Over the years, different models of human needs have existed. Some still popularized have generally been disproven. 





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