The Ecosystem

Humans and Ecosystems

If the goals of optimizing individual health and community health are going to be met, of course must understand our relationship with the environment.  For instance, our economic goals cannot be achieved if we assume that there will be an infinite source of fossil fuels for human use into the future.  Also, understanding our effect on the ecosystem is a large part of this equation.


Xochiquetzal: Goddess of Flowers and Love, Codex Borbonicus, c.1525

Mythology: Humans and the Ecosystem

Every culture in the world, in some way has formed a subjective relationship with the world around it.  According to neuroscience, no attention can be given without subjective context which forms relationship. In the Aztec tradition, Gods, Goddesses and rulers were not only of the environment, but they were in relation to many aspects of the environment.  For instance all portraits of individuals contain other species in connection.  Though both the European cultures and Aztec cultures had advanced civilizations in similar time periods…


Human Health and the Environment

 The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences recently did a report on the effects of climate change on health, stating that it worsens existing diseases and conditions, helps to introduce new pests and pathogens, causes sea level rise, floods, and droughts, as well as heat waves and hurricanes...



The Environment and Collapse of Civilizations

 Evan Fraser co-author of Empires of Food gives some valuable historical perspective on the importance of natural resources and the patterns of growth.  Though, environmental conditions are easy to ignore and can be quite subtle, they are extremely important to recognize.  Fraser points out that empires have largely existed happily and come to prosper in good weather conditions for crops.  He points out the Minoan Warm Period, the Roman warm period and the Medieval warm period, as well as the current warm period we are being graced with during the 20th and 21st century thus far.  He also pointed out the lack of droughts or above average rain fall that existed during the success of all of these empires… 


The Health of our Ecosystems

We are constantly working toward greater understanding of our ecosystems but the complexity leaves even leading scientists to warn of unpredictability, especially with fast changes as we are seeing today.  Needless to say, the mainstream understanding is a long way off. There are many notions about systems that we do not ordinarily think about, given our cultural tendency to define parts...



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