Left and Right Brain Hemispheres

Revelations in Human Consciousness 

From Iain Mcgilchrist 

“Before embarking on this chapter, I suggested that there were two ways of being in the world, both of which were essential.  One was to allow things to be present to us in all their embodied particularity, with all their changeability and impermanence, and their interconnectedness, as part of a whole which is forever in flux.  In this world we, too, feel connected to what we experience, part of that whole, not confined in subjective isolation from a world that is viewed as objective.  The other was to step outside the flow of experience and ‘experience’ our experience in a special way: to re-present the world in a  form that is less truthful, but apparently clearer, and therefore cast in a form which is more useful for manipulation of the world and one another.  This world is explicit, abstracted, compartmentalised, fragmented, static (though its ‘bits’ can be re-set in motion, like a machine, essentially lifeless.  From this world we feel detached, but in relation to it we are powerful.”

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