God, the Conservative, the Liberal and the Snake

One day, a conservative walked through the brush.  It was a warm day, the sun beating down on the fields. After passing over a hill the conservative stopped to take a drink, when out of the grass came a long, venomous snake slithering across the path.  Startled and scared, the conservative reached for his rifle.  “This world isn’t safe with that snake slithering on my path.”  He loaded his gun, and BANG, shot the snake right between his head and his tail.

Shortly after, God was walking through the Brush and he came upon the snake. Unlike the conservative, God was not scared.  After all God created the snake, and could see himself in the slithering creature.  The snake recognized the creator, and made a plea: “Dear Lord, I’ve been shot, and I will surely die soon… unless you save me.”  God preferred not to use his powers, but showing mercy, God bowed before the snake, and spoke, “You are a magnificent creature.”  With a strong dose of love, the snake was cured.  “Oh God, you are the giver of all life” said the snake.  The snake then humbly thanked him before clearing off of the path.

From the hilltop, the liberal had watched the whole scene.  Amazed, he began to chase after God.  At the bottom of the hill, God was gone and only the snake remained.  Seeing the snake, the liberal was scared like the conservative, but held firmly to his beliefs in acceptance and cooperation.  The liberal looked at the snake and said, “Snake, I see a liberal in you.”  He then knelt down and declared, “You are a magnificent creature.”

The snake was so grateful, that he decided to say a prayer.   “Dear God, thank you.  First you have saved my life, and now you have provided me with dinner.”


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